The Flaws in Boleslaw Matuszewski’s Theory

Clearly there are obvious flaws in Matuszewski’s theory, however, this was published in 1898.  This was prior to extensive editing of footage.  One can almost compare this to a weather forecast.  No matter how intelligent one is or how sophisticated the equipment used to make a prediction,  it will always be a guessing game.  This applies to the theory at hand.  Matuszewski believed that it would be almost impossible to edit footage (animated photography), because one would have to edit thousands of pixels for each frame.  For this reason, he stated that film could not be altered and that it was absolute truth.  The lens could not lie, because it did not have the human emotional capability to achieve such a feat.  He concluded that because of this, film would be the ultimate tool to prove truth in any circumstance.  At the time this would have actually seemed quite logical.  Matuszewski’s prediction’s, however, were far from correct.  In terms of accuracy he didn’t even hit the board.  Soon after this was published many film makers began to tamper with their respective reels of footage to create and alter the feelings of their target audiences.  Editing footage quickly became the norm and was almost expected of the film maker.  Today footage can be edited so highly that one can completely control every single aspect of his or her film to produce whatever his or her imagination can cook up.


2 thoughts on “The Flaws in Boleslaw Matuszewski’s Theory

  1. I think that some responsibility should be put on the viewer. If you see a documentary that interests you, then do a little extra research on the subject, before making a decision on a topic. That way your decision would be informed and more accurate.

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