Ethics Surrounding Certain Images

Most people cringe at the sight of a murder, however, when recreated on film, it does not even phase them.  Our society as a whole has become jaded to quite a bit of disturbing things.  Murder, rape, and destruction, to name a few.  Nowadays, when shown to someone in the form of movies, or a photograph ones first thought is it is just a picture.  Some convince themselves that the images are not real.  For this reason I believe that showing scenes of extreme violence or other traumatic things should be shown to the majority of the public.  The purpose, a wake-up call.  When shown in a documentary that informs the audience of truth, one can not as easily convince them self that the image is fake or that it is just an image. People should realize that these terrible things did actually happen.  I believe it is the right of the people to be well informed on everything, including the gruesome stuff.  Should children be exposed to scenes like this?  No, of course not, and that is why we have rating systems and viewer discretion warnings. 


One thought on “Ethics Surrounding Certain Images

  1. Well, is it really necessary to show explicit scenes though? For example, I watched a documentary on the prostitution problem in the Philippines. They showed every thing a prostitute had to go through, down to every single detail. Could they not just show her doing the act but not show it explicitly? The audience would still know what she was doing, but would be saved from the visual prosecution.

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