Diabetes has ravaged my entire family for generations.  Type 1 Diabetes, the insulin dependent form of the disease, often strikes at an early age.  This disease targets the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.  Without insulin to break down glucose (sugar) in the body, it stays in the blood stream and damages the organs in the body.  My grandmother had three sons: Shane (my father), Brent, and Andy.  Brent and Andy both contracted the disease at early ages.  Brent had two daughters and a son.  His son Brant, contracted the disease around the age of ten.  Brent died this past year due to an infection that his immune system could not fight due to the years of attack from his disease.  Andy had a daughter, a son, and recently had two twin boys.  His first son Cole, recently contracted Diabetes. Neither Brant nor Cole are above the age of thirteen, yet they both have to take a minimum of self injected insulin shots a day.  I personally do not believe that any child should suffer through that.  On top of all of this they can not have anything with real sugar in it.  This causes them to feel left out of many childhood indulgences that normal kids partake in on a regular basis.  My fathers line, consisting of my brother Luke and I, is the only one that has not contracted this deadly disease.  I however, have hypoglycemia.  Hypoglycemia is a disorder that a occurs when ones blood sugar levels are constantly to low and is usually a precursor to Diabetes.  To counteract this disorder I have to eat constantly to keep my blood sugar regulated.  Growing up around this I have experienced things that most people do not.  I feel as if most people do not realize the magnitude of this disease.  It does not get the recognition that Cancer or Aids would, however this disease is just as deadly.  I have literally watched my Uncle die in front of me at the age of 37 and little cousins suffer at the hands of this disease.  I think footage of what my cousins go through on a day to day basis at the tender age of twelve would change peoples minds about how devastating this disease really is.   


2 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. I would agree with you, that diabetes does not get the attention that many other diseases get. I would even admit that I did not realize how serious it was, and I think a lot of people, including myself, would benefit from your film.

  2. Su-Ann says:

    I am sorry for such a devastating loss. Diseases like these can cause such horrific pain to families and their friends. Personally, though, I would not want to have any of my family’s problems recorded and filmed.. but that is just me.

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