Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this years Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.  Even more, I got to experience the brilliant film Bridegroom.  Bridegroom is the story of Shane Crone and Thomas Bridegroom and the unconditional love that they find for each other.  Against all odds these two come together and create the closest thing to true love (straight or gay) that I have ever seen.  Tragedy strikes when tom falls off of a four story building one night while taking pictures of their mutual friend.  Tom does not survive the fall.  Due to current legal reasons and technicalities, Shane is not considered a family member so he can not be let in to see Tom.  Tom’s family does not allow Shane to attend the funeral either, and even threaten an attack on his life if he attempts to make an appearance.  The aftermath of this tragedy sparks a vast and overwhelming depression that we get to experience with Shane.  This is because he documents the entire period of and after this horrific tragedy.  The bond these two had was unlike anything I had ever seen.  One interviewee even states that Tom and Shane had the love that each and everyone of us was searching for and that we all envied them.  After watching this, one will surely agree. This movie completely eradicates the barrier between straight and gay couples.  This movie is not a straight thing, or a gay thing.  It is a human thing.  I encourage anyone and everyone to go view this film.  It encompasses unconditional love and gut wrenching heartache in a way that is just out right brilliant.


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